Saturday, April 27, 2013

A message from Jonathan Aird "Teen Challenge Korea's director"

There was once a young boy who went to spend the week with his grandfather on the farm. While walking around he noticed the chickens, they were scratching and playing around. The little lad said, “They ain’t got it”. Next he saw a colt in the field playing and kicking up its heel’s to which he replied, “He ain’t got it”. After examining all of the animals on his grandfather’s farm and see that none of them had “it”, this boy finally found the old donkey in the barn. When he saw the donkey’s long, frowning face and the way that the donkey just stood there he screamed for his grandfather to come quick. “I found it, I found it” the boy kept yelling. When his grandfather asked what he had found he said, “Pawpaw, I found an animal that has the same kind of religion that you have.”

The reason why I share that little humorous story with you is because the world we live in is a place that is filled with many beautiful and awe inspiring sites, with so many varieties of cultures, languages and customs that can enhance one's life and perspective about life. There is no denying that the world we live in is full of ugly spots, which is more or less the focus of peoples attention. The world is full of negatives and positives but there is more of a tendency to focus on that which is more negative. I am sure that there are people who would disagree with me but I didn't say that all people focus on that which is negative. There are optimists, pessimists, and realists in the world. Now the realist is either pessimistic or optimistic meaning one's focus is either on the problem or solution. I tend to be a realist that looks for a solution, I see the problem and I want to do something about it.

We can easily turn a blind eye to what we see, or we look at the problem and think there's no hope, or we speak in over tones of superficial care and concerns which result in nothing, or we go out and do something about it! If people focused on being the solution then life can be so much more meaningful. Perhaps it would more definition to person, more compassion, more charitable giving and more charitable volunteer work. Perhaps it may change a life that is in need of a solution. I believe that the people who read this and who genuinely care about making a difference exist to transform a life one person at a time.

Project Youngdongpo is a great organization that exists to help transform lives one person at a time. It is an organization that needs people to come and get involved in the lives of people whom the world around them think lesser of and do not care for. You can money, give of your time, or do both. So I leave you with questions only you can answer, if you have the moral courage to do so ~ Can you be that person that can make a difference? Can you make the world a more beautiful place by helping someone else? Do you care enough by making a commitment in partnering with this organization? If so contact Project Youngdongpo and get involved. Don't wait for some one else to do what you can do.

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