Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Call

The past few weeks in Yongdongpo have been nothing short of a blessing.
Every week we except donations from generous people from all over. We don't only receive donations from people in Korea, but also from abroad. All of the donations go toward the people of Yongdongpo.

Every week, the volunteers for project Yongdongpo start with meeting at Yongdongpo station. After meeting we go over the plan for the day, go over the giveaways for the day, then finish our preparations with a time of prayer. As we start to walk through the neighborhood of Yongdongpo, we greet new and old friends. We give clothes and other goods to hopefully help them get through these tough times. Not only do we provide some physical needs, we want to give hope to those who are in desperate need of it. We met a father of two children a couple weeks back. He was explaining to us how times are extremely tough in this economy. We did our best to do what we could to comfort him and help him somehow through this time. The most challenging point in our conversation with him was when he told us he wanted to go to heaven faster. Fallowing his statement he made his hand into a gun shape and pointed it to his head. This was all taking place with his kids by his side. I wanted to do more than just give some clothes and talk to him but, I soon realized shortly after that sincere prayer is all I could do in my current position for this father.

I am always asking the Lord for humility when I get complements for helping out in Yongdongpo. The world is full of brothers and sisters who need our help. I expected to become more discipline in my faith by helping out at Yongdongpo....I was wrong. I have learned and experienced so much more.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thoughts from Project Yongdongpo (26-2-2013)

This week was another great trip to Yongdongpo. Somebody donated clothing and we had 100.000 won to spend on things to give to people in Yongdongpo. We spend 50.000 won on 40 pairs of socks and the rest of the money on tangerines and nuts to hand out. We will try to mix clothes with some healthy fruits or food every week when we go out on the street.

On Sunday we discovered some new areas of Yongdongpo and we met new people - this led to some good talks and we now have some people waiting for next week as we will visit them again. It is really nice getting to know people there, and hearing their story and learning about the individual person. We also had around 10 kilo of clothes that we handed out and it was all good and solid clothes that was warm and of a high quality.

That same night we received two major donations - all together around 30 kilo. Those clothes will be handed out next week and we believe for a monetary donation so we can buy fruit once again. Next week we will bring 2 people with us to clean the street of garbage. The area we move around in is very dirty and it does not look nice. But Project Yongdongpo exists for this kind of problem, so we have decided to target this in a very practical way and simply clean the area.

We are always excited for this chance to get out and serve the community in this way. If you have any questions or want to donate or contact us in any way please use our Fb page: Project Yongdongpo or contact Emil at

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thoughts from a friend

I will all through try to ask some people that has been involved working with me at Yongdongpo. It is a great chance to read stories from different people and their different thoughts on different matters.
Hope you enjoy it

Emil "Project Yongdongpo"

Since the summer of 2011 I have been honored to frequently be involved with helping the homeless in Yongdongpo in southern Seoul through an endeavor called Project Yongdongpo, which was started up by an amazing Danish friend of mine who has continued to have the full support and backing of his loving Korean wife. As both the Korean ex-pat community and Koreans have pulled together to assist this great undertaking, relationships have been formed and change has been happening. When I leave for Canada, my home and native land, Yongdongpo will remain close to my heart. I have antcipated vacations in Busan, been overwhelmed by the vast unique product selection of Myeongdong's botiques and high end stores, have had times of relection along Seoul's Cheonggae Chun stream, I have been impressed with the beauty of the Eastern Sea, experienced fear on Korea's highest ferries wheel in Ulsan, been awestruck with the vibrancy
Gangnam's neon lights at night, and have enjoyed the vast scenary of rich green forrested mountains from the peak of Soyoo Mountain in northern Kyeongi province, but non of those places will compair to Yongdongpo. They are all worth seeing if you are in Korea, but they cannot leave you with the affinity that Yongdongpo can. It is because Yongdongpo is not about the lights, shopping, money, even nature or introspection, it is about the people. It is unfortunate that people from many countries feel shamed to talk about problems of poverty. Poverty is not something to be ashamed of, it has a real face with real people who have had real brokeness and real troubles and need real love. I postulate to you that in order to engage the lives of the underprivilidged that Koreans should not be ashamed of the poor in their own country and that the ex-pat community here ought not to take on an aire of superiority, or destain at problems we see, but rather we ought to work together to see change in our time in our generation. In the words of the song, "when we all pull together the happier we'll be."

Friday, February 22, 2013

Helping those who cannot help themselves

This ministry or humanitarian work in Yongdongpo is about helping those who cannot help themselves, for those who have been dealt a bad hand in life, or for those who got trapped in lifestyle that lead them to a place of improvishment. More often than not these precious lives are ignored, neglected and visibly forced from peoples sight and projected to the dark recesses of the mind. As a minister I ask myself a number of questions ~ what if it was my family member or a friend? what would I do to help? what could I do to help? I would do what I could, when I could!

Project Yongdongpo is work that is practical in nature and inspirational in its impact. There are many needs out there and it can be overwhelming but what I want those of you reading this is to focus on is this specific work. "So how can I help?" I hear you say! Well there are a number of ways you can help - you can join us as we go out to help those less fortunate, you can donate clothing, finances or materials that will help alleviate the suffering and misfortune of the men, women and children that we are helping.

Thank you for reading this and responding to the need. What you do today will impact a life today.

Our Video Presentation

Here is the link for our Video Ministry presentation

It is our first ever video and I am very happy for the result