Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Call

The past few weeks in Yongdongpo have been nothing short of a blessing.
Every week we except donations from generous people from all over. We don't only receive donations from people in Korea, but also from abroad. All of the donations go toward the people of Yongdongpo.

Every week, the volunteers for project Yongdongpo start with meeting at Yongdongpo station. After meeting we go over the plan for the day, go over the giveaways for the day, then finish our preparations with a time of prayer. As we start to walk through the neighborhood of Yongdongpo, we greet new and old friends. We give clothes and other goods to hopefully help them get through these tough times. Not only do we provide some physical needs, we want to give hope to those who are in desperate need of it. We met a father of two children a couple weeks back. He was explaining to us how times are extremely tough in this economy. We did our best to do what we could to comfort him and help him somehow through this time. The most challenging point in our conversation with him was when he told us he wanted to go to heaven faster. Fallowing his statement he made his hand into a gun shape and pointed it to his head. This was all taking place with his kids by his side. I wanted to do more than just give some clothes and talk to him but, I soon realized shortly after that sincere prayer is all I could do in my current position for this father.

I am always asking the Lord for humility when I get complements for helping out in Yongdongpo. The world is full of brothers and sisters who need our help. I expected to become more discipline in my faith by helping out at Yongdongpo....I was wrong. I have learned and experienced so much more.

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