Friday, February 22, 2013

Helping those who cannot help themselves

This ministry or humanitarian work in Yongdongpo is about helping those who cannot help themselves, for those who have been dealt a bad hand in life, or for those who got trapped in lifestyle that lead them to a place of improvishment. More often than not these precious lives are ignored, neglected and visibly forced from peoples sight and projected to the dark recesses of the mind. As a minister I ask myself a number of questions ~ what if it was my family member or a friend? what would I do to help? what could I do to help? I would do what I could, when I could!

Project Yongdongpo is work that is practical in nature and inspirational in its impact. There are many needs out there and it can be overwhelming but what I want those of you reading this is to focus on is this specific work. "So how can I help?" I hear you say! Well there are a number of ways you can help - you can join us as we go out to help those less fortunate, you can donate clothing, finances or materials that will help alleviate the suffering and misfortune of the men, women and children that we are helping.

Thank you for reading this and responding to the need. What you do today will impact a life today.

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