Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Time to hand out fruit" 3-3-2013

Somebody had donated 30.000 won so we could buy fruits for people. We have a lot of clothes always and that is a miracle, but we wanted to go a little deeper by handing out healthy fruits. An older woman we had been buying fruits from before is really kind to us and we bought around 5kg tangerines. "It is really awesome that we are able to buy that much fruit for that little money".

We must remember that many of these people drink all day and if they can have a little food or fruits they will be able to get some vitamins and a healthy input in they're very unhealthy nutritious life style.

A goal of helping is trying to help in all areas of peoples lives.

10.000 won = 1 pair of shoes from subway stations
10.000 won = 3 sets of warm underwear
10.000 won = Around 10-15 warm bottles of coffee or other drinks
10.000 won = 2 plastic bags of red bean bread
20.000 won = A sleeping bag
30.000 won = 5kg of Tangerines

That Sunday we had a lot of blankets and some t-shirts that we could hand out. We started early but from no one we will go out around 5pm every Sunday. We are very strong believers in being consistent, so you can always trust that Project Yongdongpo is out handing clothes and helping every Sunday.

We are every Sunday trying to find new areas where people live. This Sunday we walked around an area and one house we passed by a thousand of times suddenly "opened up" and we found so many people living there that we handed out clothes and tangerines too.
This week the weather has turned warm, and we also saw a LOT of people sitting outside, that opened up for a lot of new conversations.

Yongdongpo is an area that open's up new areas every week that we had never seen before, it is really a fascinating place to work in.
A lot of people are donating, and for that we are grateful, please continue to donate, it is really making a difference in and around Yongdongpo.

Thank You for all the help

Emil Lavsen (Project Yongdongpo)

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